Competency-Based Learning

Translating NEP 2020 into action

Quality and alignment of learning with competency-based education goals

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is designed to transform India’s educational landscape. Despite its introduction years ago, its implementation in classrooms remains limited due to shortage of teachers, lack of infrastructure, a considerable digital divide, and non-standardized priorities and agendas of states. Can we un-complicate NEP’s broad implementation and offer best practices that any school can use to accelerate the implementation of the reforms?

To demonstrate the huge potential of NEP 2020 in elevating education quality, we are creating centres of excellence for NEP implementation in grades VI to X, starting with competency-based learning (CBL) and competency-based assessment (CBA). 

Our Impact


Published our Mathematics, Science, and Reading Competency-based frameworks as well as Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) items for NCERT chapters, grades 6-10.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands Department of Education:

Conducted grades X & XII pre-board examinations with standardized question papers by SAS-Rupantar CBL team. 

Government of Maharashtra & SCERT Maharashtra:

everaged our CBL grade-specific assessments for the Swadhyay program in the academic year 2023-24. 

Our Approach: 

Competency-Based Education, as advocated by NEP 2020, is a teaching and assessment method to equip students with 21st century skills beyond just rote-learning information. Many teachers in India are not yet equipped to use this approach. To bridge this gap, we offer tools and training to improve the usage of CBL pedagogies and assessments. This helps improve learning outcomes and development of 21st century skills in the learners. 

Program components: 

Competency-Based Learning (CBL) 

Competency-Based Assessment (CBA)

Our Reach

For the year ended Mar 31, 2024

Kendriya Vidyalaya
Chandigarh UT schools 
schools in Pune
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