Our mission

We work to transform the Indian education system, where every child can learn joyfully through the principles of Integral Education. We do this by utilising the existing resources and empowering all stakeholders to make a bigger difference.

Our Roots

Our history goes back to 1960, when the Mother founded Sri Aurobindo Society (SAS), an international NGO driving change in diverse fields – Youth & Women, Children with Special Needs, Education, Leadership & Management, Indian Culture,
Sustainable Development & Renewable Energy, and more.

The Government of India (GoI) recognizes SAS as a charitable organization, a research institute, and an institution of importance throughout India.

Rupantar came into being in 2015, inspired by the principles of Integral Education as envisioned by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Our vision is to make these ideals a reality for every child of this nation.

Five bold goals

We are working where the future of India lives and dreams – the education system. To really help the nation’s 250 million students, the need of the hour is to make big, connected changes across the board. Our research shows that embracing these
changes leads to better learning outcomes, lower costs, and more meaningful contributions from everyone involved.

With this aspiration, Rupantar has laid out five major goals to reach by 2030. It sets us on a path to fully transform how education works for everyone:

Deepen implementation of NEP 2020

Through competency-based learning (CBL) framework – a first in India – and strengthening inclusive education.

Embracing experiential learning

Through learning-by-doing methods rooted in integral education, which ensure holistic development of every learner.

Empowering education entrepreneurs

By incubating and guiding their fresh ideas, technologies, and pedagogies into the mainstream education system.

Creating role model govt. schools

By transforming 10,000 schools into CoEs for teaching and learning– aligned with NEP and equipped with zero investment innovations.

Forging powerful partnerships

By partnering with thought leaders, including TISS Mumbai, JNU Delhi, ACER, KPMG, and EY, for a collective impact.


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