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India needs research in education for informed policies and innovation. Rupantar actively utilizes research to drive evidence-based decision-making, while measuring impact and improving on ground measures. This approach ensures alignment with diverse stakeholders’ needs.

We work with leading global and national organizations to ensure excellence.

Recent Research

Research Study on Role Model Schools and ZIIEI Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Analysis and research on program efficacy and teacher perception, and alignment with NEP 2020

Evaluation of Project Inclusion
Rehabilitation Council of India and Mazaars, India

Analysis on the sensitization and training of teachers towards inclusive education in India

Implementing Grassroots Reform: ZIIEI Evaluation Report Cambridge University, United Kingdom

To measure strength and impact created by the program across different regions in India

Reflections On ZIIEI In Uttar Pradesh Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), India

Assess the implementation of ZIIEI in Uttar Pradesh and identify strategies for strengthening its implementation in other states.

Auro Scholar Monitoring and Evaluation Report Pan India
KPMG Advisory Services Private Limited

Evaluating a link between micro scholarships and student’s motivation towards learning in India

ZIIEI Monitoring and Evaluation Report Pan India KPMG Advisory Services Private Limited

Efficacy of the program among teachers in light of unique challenges faced during COVID-19

Benchmarking Study ZIIEI
Ernst & Young

Deeper understanding of ZIIEI in the context of similar initiatives by benchmarking against national and global entities.

Impact Assessment Of ZIIEI

Assess the efficiency and effectiveness of ZIIEI’s and perceptions of teachers, students, and education officers.

Impact Assessment Study
Datamation Consultant Private Ltd

ZIIEI programme in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand. Longitudinal study on impact created by Innovative Pathshaala

Key Research Areas

Teacher-Centric Ecosystem

Investigating the transformation of the teacher-centric ecosystem in government schools as a result of interventions. This includes studying changes in teaching methodologies, teacher motivation, and professional development.

Inclusive Learning

Researching the impact of the Project Inclusion initiative on creating an inclusive learning environment. This involves examining changes in teacher attitudes, classroom practices, and the overall inclusivity of educational institutions.

Student Scholarships & Learning Outcomes

Assessing the effects of the Auro Scholar Programme in terms of increased access to education, academic performance, and motivation among students who benefit from micro scholarships.

Education Policy and Innovation

Investigating how Rupantar program aligns with and contributes to broader education policies and innovations in India. This involves examining its role in addressing educational inequalities and supporting educational reform.

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