About Rupantar

Who We Are

Welcome to Rupantar.

In 2015, Sri Aurobindo Society (www.aurosociety.org) launched one of the world’s largest ever programs to transform government schools by harnessing the power of the people and existing resources. Called as Rupantar, this multidimensional program has led to several large-scale innovative projects to empower teachers, gear up education officers, support students, increase parents’ and community’s participation, and technology enablement — all aimed to bring about mass-scale improvement in the quality and reach of education.

Rupantar is based on our 57 years of experience of working for social change and transformation across all walks of life. Including Education, Women and Youth Empowerment, Health, Development of Children with Special, Needs, Palliative care, Leadership and Management, Indian Culture, Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy. We are also working on Integral Rural Development (SARVAM) in several villages in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu. These are part of our Action Research to develop innovative models of excellence which are sustainable, replicable and scalable, and based on Values and Inner Change.

Founded in 1960, Sri Aurobindo Society is recognised by the Government of India as:
  • A Charitable Organization under sections 12A and 80G,
  • A Charitable Organization under sections 12A and 80G,
  • An Institution of Importance Throughout India under section 10(23)C(iv)
All monetary contributions to SAS receive the 80G tax benefit and those for Action Research, the special 100 percent tax benefit.
Some of our partners are Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Ashoka, JIPMER, University of Oregon. Hewlett Packard collaborated with us to
organise the Education Innovation Fund for India (EIFI) — a US$1 million competitive grant to support the most promising innovations in education in India.
The overarching vision of Sri Aurobindo Society is to bring a dynamic spirituality into material life and all its activities, so that the global problems can find a true solution, and the dreams of humanity, through the ages, can be realised.

What we do

Empower Teachers

Zero Investment Innovation platform to identify and scale grass root best practices, and training for motivational and skills enhancement.

Empower Education Officers

Workshops to enhance their leadership, decision-making skills and understanding of the significance of their work in education.

360° Rupantar of Schools

Transformation of Government Schools - one in every district of the country - as role models of harnessing existing resources.

Bring Inclusivity in Classrooms

Special Education training for teachers to identify and support children with hidden disabilities.

Innovate Curriculum

Create new ways of teaching learning to make curriculum more values-based, relevant and joyful, for better learning and retention.

Impact Education Policy

Establish Centres of Excellence for innovation in education, and advise various government bodies on harnessing people power and existing resources.