Where We Are Headed

Currently, about 24 lakh teachers and principals in over 6 lakh schools are being connected through Rupantar to improve education using existing resources, impacting 80 million students in 22 states of the country. However, our true progress lies not in numbers but in individuals. The highest impact areas for Rupantar are : teacher motivation and empowerment; vision and insight development among government decision makers; leadership skills for education administration; management skills for principals; empathy and guidance for students; and participation of parents and communities. We measure our progress at three levels — opportunities and support created for teachers, mindset shift in stakeholders within an education system, and the resulting improvement in quality of education in line with the state and centre run education programs in India.

Transformation Footprint

13,17,422Teachers oriented to innovation in education
5,46,639Government school teachers adopted zero-investment innovations.
55,000RMSA teachers motivated through Integral Education Based Transformational Training.
12,000Teachers trained to identify and support children with hidden disabilities.
1,50,126Teachers implementing ZIIEI innovations in their classrooms.
22 StatesRupantar's Presence in 2018-19.

Rupantar Heroes Making it Right

Impacting the way 20 lakh teachers in our country teach. The way they contribute to the nation.

  • Param SinghPrincipal

    By creating new opportunities for students to excel beyond academics, his inter college is one of the most sought after nstitutions today.
  • Champa SinghTeacher, Junior High School, Gorakhpur

    More than 12,500 schools are using Primary school teacher, Champa Singh's solution to raise community awareness on black magic.
  • Dr. Shrawan GuptaPrincipal, Junior High School, Sewapuri

    Unheard of in most government schools, Dr. Shrawan's technique helps students understand complex topics.
  • Pratap Narayan SinghEducation Officer

    BSA who catalysed the story of change in government schools of district Barabanki, UP.

Transforming Students' Lives

Remodelling the way 2 crore children of this country learn. The way they become nation builders.

  • Majid

    Majid, a patient of ADHD, could have given up studies, left school and led an aimless life in his small dusty village of Uttar Pradesh. But, there was a better future awaiting him.
  • Nizamuddin

    Extreme lack of self-expression, he stopped him from even telling when he was hungry. But now he is almost like any other happy child in the class.
  • Sanah

    Earlier believed to be stubborn because she won't write, Sana is now being supported through her hidden disability.
  • Diya & Siya

    Almost certain to drop out of school, the two sisters' IQ score was found to be 120!

All Documents

Rupantar Activity Report, Apr-Sep 2017

A detailed view of all the ongoing projects and activities under the Rupantar umbrella.

ZIIEI Activity Report, Apr 2016 - Mar 2017

A report on the activities carried out to start ZIIEI program in Uttar Pradesh during the year.