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    Celebration radiated unity, joy, and a commitment to embody her timeless values in our lives


    Sri Aurobindo Society Rupantar has successfully implemented its innovative programmes

    Press release

    Tirupati State Government is committed to supporting SAS’s innovation initiatives that

    Our Key Focus

    Leading With Purpose

    Launched by Sri Aurobindo Society in 2015, Rupantar is a journey to transform the quality of education in government schools across the country, starting at the very roots — The Teachers. No new systems, no more layers of processes. This is a movement to create an ecosystem where everyone works together in synergy to harness the power of the people and existing resources. With several innovative projects to empower teachers, gear up education officers, support students, and increase parents’ and community’s participation, Rupantar is fast on its way to become the world’s largest program to improve state education.

    Our Impact


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    Teachers have completed LMS Course under Project Inclusion

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    Government school teachers adopted zero-investment innovations.

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    Teachers Physically Trained Pan India

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    Quizzes taken on Auroscholar App

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    Innovations Handbooks Launched under ZIIEI

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