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Trainers Unlearn to Learn

Hats off to these inspiring team members who have found that motivating teachers is not about preaching, but about practicing individual excellence themselves....

Bringing crucial issue of hidden disabilities among children to the fore

Who can imagine that Ranjeet Thakur (13), who has effortlessly made working models of a car, fountain and water cooler, struggles to read and write and understand the basic concepts in class?

Tough Terrains, Unfavorable Conditions But Exemplary Courage

From naxal-hit areas in Chhattisgarh to curfews in Kashmir, the trainers of Sri Aurobindo Society have proved their mettle time and again in sowing the seed of a positive change...

Rupantar: More than what meets the eye

Established with the objective to transform education in government schools and make it accessible to children in the remotest corners of the country, Rupantar has come a long way.